We've Rebranded

Our staff here at R & K Computers are excited to announce that we have re-branded!  Moving forward, we will be known as Aberdeen Security.

We will be continuing to offer the same local service and support that we have over the past 7 years in the local region.  However, we have changed our brand to better reflect our future offerings and the changing needs of the times.

As we continue to grow and expand our offerings, we needed a change and a refreshed appearance.

Aberdeen Security

Security Cameras

Security Camera Systems are one of the simplest ways to ensure your business is safe and secure. We offer an extensive selection of specialty camera systems depending on the level of protection you desire, you can choose from quite a few different types of security cameras, including:

  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Tamper Proof Cameras
  • PTZ Cameras
  • 2-way audio cameras

Each of the various camera options will provide your business with a specific type of surveillance and the type or types of commercial security cameras you choose should be determined by your own personal needs. No matter what you decide, Aberdeen Security offers a camera for any environment, any lighting condition and any application.

PC Tune-Up

Is your computer running slower with every passing day? Can you have a cup of coffee in the time it takes to turn your computer on at the start of the day? It's probably time that you got a PC Tune-up! Aberdeen Security provides comprehensive PC Tune-up which includes the following:

  • Malicious Software removal
  • Registry Optimization
  • Registry De-fragmentation
  • Software and Driver Updates
  • Operating System Updates
  • HDD Optimization and De-fragmentation

We will take the time to revitalize your computer and bring it back up to the speeds you need. We will also remove any unnecessary "bloatware" that causes the computer to operate slowly. Aberdeen Security is committed to providing peace of mind by making sure your technology works for you. Contact us today for more information.

New & Used Computers

At Aberdeen Security, we don't sell computers based on low end products discounted at the prices of the major retail chains. We investigate the customer's needs, and what the intended use of the computer will be. In doing so, we match the perfect system to the customer's needs.We carry laptops, custom built desktops, and all-in-one systems.